January 4, 2014

Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge 2014

Challenge Summary: What books count?
Any book, fiction or nonfiction, that is either about mental illness or features characters or real people with a mental illness counts for the challenge. However, the book must not demonize people with mental illnesses.

So, for example, the movie Fatal Attraction, which features a character with Borderline Personality Disorder, would not count since she is demonized in the movie. However, Girl Interrupted, which also features a character with Borderline Personality Disorder, would count since that character is presented as a three-dimensional person with good and bad traits.

If you’re having trouble coming up with books to read for the challenge, check out the list of reading suggestions below.

Challenge Levels:
Acquainted–4 books
Aware–8 books
Advocate–12 books

It’s not required to join the GoodReads group, but it’s there if you want to join it. Joining it will automatically notify you when a new read is added to the reading suggestions list.

Sign Up:
Please sign up for the 2014 challenge by filling out this form.

Participant Reviews:
Participants, please plug in links to reviews completed for the challenge in the comments below. Thanks!

Hosted by/Link: Opinions of a Wolf / Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge

Challenge Start and Ends Dates:

My Progress: 3/8 (I will likely move up a level, but for now, I'll aim for 8)

My List:

1) Cockroach - Rawi Hage
2) The Last of the Crazy People - Timothy Findley 
3) Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

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