January 4, 2012

A - Z Challenge 2012

Challenge Summary:Welcome in the Alphabet Challenges group!
 This group is for anyone that wants to participate in an alphabet challenge.
 You can create your alphabet from the first letters of the books titles or from the first letters of the authors names or from anything else.

 Two possible challenges are:
 - The authors alphabet - books written by authors which last name start with every letter of the alphabet
 - The books alphabet - books which titles start with every letter of the alphabet

 The alphabets can be done in order or without order - up to everyone's preferences. Welcome and good luck :)
 PS: If you have troubles finding an author starting with a given letter, http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk is a good resource.

Hosted by/Link:  LibraryThing Group: The Alphabet Challenge

Challenge Start and Ends Dates:January 1 - December 31, 2012

My Progress: 26/26 - Challenge Completed October 12, 2012

My List:This Year I'm going to do the Authors Challenge. Reading 26 Books on book per letter of the alphabet where the authors last name starts with the corresponding letter.

A - Andre, Alexis (Childhood)
B - Behn, Aphra (Oroonoko and Other Writings)
C - Cather, Willa (My Antonia)
D - deWitt, Patrick (The Sisters Brothers)
E - Elliot, George - (Silas Marner)
F - Fitzgerald, Penelope (Offshore)
G - Gaskell, Elizabeth (North and South)
H - Hay, Elizabeth (Alone in the Classroom)
I - Itani, Frances (Deafening)
J - Johnston, Wayne (The Colony of Unrequited Dreams)
K - Kostova, Elizabeth (The Historian)
L - Lowry, Lois (Gathering Blue)
M - MacLeod, Alistair (The Lost Salt Gift of Blood)
N - Nemirvosky, Irene (The Dogs and the Wolves)
O - Ondaatje, Michael (Anil's Ghost)
P - Pick, Alison (The Dream World)
Q -  Quarrington, Paul (Galveston)
R - Richards, David Adams (For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down)
S - Selby Jr., Hubert - (Requiem for a Dream)
T - Thuy, Kim - (Ru)
U - Urquhart, Jane (Storm Glass)
V - Vassanji, M.G. (The In-Between World of Vikram Lall)
W - Woolf, Virginia (Selected Short Stories)
X - Xiaolong, Qiu (Years of Red Dust: Tales of Shanghai)
Y - Yip, Mingmei - (Song of the Silk Road)
Z - Zentner, Alexi (Touch)

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